Orange Membership

Orange Coworking is a shared workspace, that you belong to. Sort of like joining a gym, for your business. We have secure gigabit fiber (crazy fast) Wifi, comfortable furniture, whiteboards, printers and everything else you need to be focused and productive.

It's an oasis where your to-do list shrinks and your work-life balance balances. You get more done in less time, so you can make the most of your business and your life.

It's also a place of unusually effortless synchronicity. Where you can instantly increase the size of your network and your brain trust. We have a community of smart people running a variety of businesses, and they have a knack for either having exactly the right nugget of information for the issue you're facing, or knowing someone who does know.

You might be Orange if…

• are a Nice Human.
• typically work alone or in a small team.
• live in south Austin.
• appreciate fast internet.
• love to make the most of your time.
• have a strong professional network (or want to have).
• enjoy success, and seeing and helping other people to succeed, too.

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All our memberships include:

Fastest possible, secure WiFi
Gigabit fiber WiFi. Individual member logins.
Ergonomic furniture
A variety of chairs, desks, and work settings
from comfy couches and Turnstone buoys to standing height desks
Complimentary Coffee / Tea / Snacks
We have a bottomless pot of coffee,
and a lovely selection of teas
Fridge / Microwave
You're welcome to bring food, too.
Printing, Scanning, Shredding
Inkjet printer, and a color laser printer, scanner, and shredder, all available to you. Reasonable amounts of printing included in your membership.
Guest Privileges
If you meet with clients or colleagues, they're welcome here. Short meetings, no charge. Their first visit to Orange, also no charge — even if it's all day! If they're staying all day more than once, you can buy them a discounted day pass.
Classes and Events
We schedule workshops, classes, and events, and always do our best to get special pricing for Orange members.
You are welcome to organize events, teach classes, propose workshop ideas — member involvement in our programming is very much welcome!
This is OUR space, to grow our businesses and our selves.
Unbeatable Networking and Orange Moments
Get to really know people, more than just a 30 second elevator pitch.
Experience the crazy (and awesome) moments of synchronicity that just happen here. Experience what our members mean when they say something is "so Orange."

Also available:

24/7 Access
Dedicated Desk
Mailing Address
Registered Agent Service

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